Scornovacca, translated loosely, means “scorn of the cow”.

Grandpa Martin J. Scornovacca immigrated from Italy in 1914. He enlisted in the American Army and fought in World War I. At the end of the war he was sent to Camp Pike in Arkansas where his name was then changed, by the government, from Scornovacca to Vacca. Through the years, the repeated writing of the name Vacca soon became misread, misspelled, and changed to Vacco, the family name as it is today.

Roscoe, the oldest child of Martin and Rose (Talerico) Vacco, married Anne Marie Rand in 1951, and, through the years, they have raised eleven children. In the year 1973, a pizza business opportunity was offered to Roscoe and Anne Marie. Roscoe, having been a Meredith employee for 26 years, deferred the offer to his oldest child Marty. Marty declined since he was doing quite well in the insurance business. The second oldest child, Michael, wanted to do something a little more challenging than the office job he had at the time, so he decided to go into the pizza business. Now the big decision was what to NAME the business. After staying up all night, Marty came up with the idea of going back to Grandpa Vacco’s original name. Thus, on June 25, 1973, Michael (along with his mom and her recipes) opened the first Scornovacca’s Pizza on the corner of SE 8th and Indianola Road. The dedication of all our employees has helped us to maintain the original quality and taste of the food. Only with the help of God and our loyal customers can we obtain success, and, with this success, we are able to make the “scornful cow” smile a little.Thanks to all of you for his smile!
– Anne Marie “Mom” Vacco

Michael A. “Scorno” Vacco was born September 25, 1952 and passed away on Monday, August 9, 2010. He attended St. Anthony’s Grade School Where he recieved the John F. Kennedy award. He graduated from Dowling High School where he participated in many sports, and he continued his education at the University of Northern Iowa. After opening Scornovacca’s Ristorante in 1973, Mike was a successful businessman for 37 years. He was a strong supporter of St. Anthony’s Church and the Society of Italian Americans.

Having been taught well by her older brother Mike, Amy (the youngest member of the Vacco family) is now managing Scornovacca’s Ristorante. You can rest assured that the restaurant will always be under the watchful eye and guidance of the Vacco family.

Scorno’s serves its own special entrees and pizzas made with Mama V.’s secret family recipes.  Scornovacca’s Pizza has been ranked in the USA’s top 100.  Scorno’s serves its own homemade Italian sausage, meatballs, onion rings and cheese sticks.  Mama V.’s pizza, spaghetti, and alfredo sauces are beyond compare.

Scornovacca’s caters and delivers to businesses and homes Downtown and surrounding areas. Scornovacca’s delivers its entire menu, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, appetizers and salads.  If you are living in or just visiting Des Moines, Scornovacca’s South is the best choice for Italian food the way mama made it.